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Born in France, Fannie Brett dreams of dancing at an early age and becomes a ballet dancer. From 6 to 18 years old, she will learn music, singing, acting at her South West Conservatory Music School.

After her early move to the U.S, her love of performing turns into acting, and she is chosen by James Cameron for a supporting role in Titanic (1997).

After working with James Ivory and on other features, she decides to return to France looking for new experiments and collaborations in her craft. She plays on stage (her own play) does lots of TV, wich leads her to add stimulating experiences both in drama and comedy. She produces 2 albums at Ceo'z production were she wrote and performed as a singer.

Back in Los Angeles, with deep interest for TV Series, she just finished a month of work with Francis Coppola's Distant Vision as a principal. She started her S.Corp 7 Holdings Media in November 2015 to welcome her new concept VIRTUAL RESET witch is currently in research and development. A concept she cherrishes dearly since it could help people to release negative emotions.

   Fannie Brett - Rabault 

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